Below you can find videos of my repertoire divided into three parts: oriental, folk and props, as well as recordings of the oriental dance shows. Here you can also watch movies with my students from the shows ‚A pinch of the Orient’ (pol. ‚Szczypta Orientu’).

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Since 2008 I give my own, regular classes and now I want to share my knowledge about belly dancing with you!


Fan Veils


Silk Veils


Drum solo

Oriental Tango ‘La Cumparsita’

Oriental ‘Alf Leyla Wa Leyla’

Lyrical Pop

Dance with Isis wings

Batwannis Bik

Classic oriental dance with live music

Classic oriental dance

Lelet Hob – oriental flamenco fusion

Raqs al assaya – saidi with cane

Szczypta orientu – Pinch of Orient

IX Szczypta Orientu – Gardens of Semiramis


VIII Szczypta Orientu – Mix of Cultures


VII Szczypta Orientu – Egyptian Story


VI Szczypta Orientu – Oriental Fusions


V Szczypta Orientu – Belly Dance Show


IV Szczypta Orientu – Fom the Folk, Through Classic, Till Modern


III Szczypta Orientu – Magic of Props