Mahtab is a name of Persian origin which means „Moonlight”.

I am a professional dancer, an instructor and a choreographer. I have practiced oriental dance since 2006. I have learned this skill from the well-known and world-respected masters, as Mahmoud Reda, Randa Kamel or Sadie (see below „Inspirations„). I’m creator of Best Belly Dance Workout, online dance trainings and tips:

Having the passion for dance, putting the emphasis on development and learning directly from the best, I have learned the wide scope of oriental dance styles from folklore (including melay leff, baladi, fellahy, haggala, Raqs al assay, nubian, dabke, khaleegy) through classic Egyptian styles (tarab, megance) up to modern oriental which is very popular on the biggest stages of Cairo.

Beside the dance, my passion is teaching others. Since 2008 I am a belly dance instructor, a choreographer and an organizer of the shows „A Pinch of the Orient” (pol. “Szczypta Orientu”). Getting experience over many years, I have developed my own style of teaching the dance. It makes  my classes pleasant and effective and it is a great fit for people that want to learn the belly dance. I created among others „oriental dance technique course” which is focused on dance, music and culture of the Orient. You can check my choreography courses for ladies who want to fulfill their dreams about dancing on stage. If you want to participate in my classes, check DANCE CLASSES!

Performing for years on stage, I have had pleasure to provide artistic shows for family and company events as well as for cultural events, including the Wroclaw Philharmonic, Musical Theatre Capitol, Aula Leopoldina  of University of Wroclaw and the Impart Art Center. I have performed in Poland and in other countries. One of the most important performances out-side of Poland was a series of shows that I gave for the oriental audience in a Moroccan restaurant “Aladin”. Check the  list of my shows in SHOWS.

I also learned other dance styles like the Indian Bollywood movie dance. I have performed this style on the most popular Polish television channel and during Bollywood Movie Festival at the Multikino cinema  in Wroclaw. I further improved my dance technical skills through participating in ballet classes.